Bathed with Blessings

If you would like to participate in our    “Bathed with Blessings” program, please click on button below to make a donation:

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Program overview:

I have been in the kitchen and bath business online for over twenty-five years and during these years I have sold many walk-in tubs and handicap accessible showers to people all over the country. One thing I have noticed is that many people have felt that the products were out of their price range even though they truly needed them. They asked if there was government assistance available for the purchase or if their insurance would pay for it. In most cases the answer was NO.

Recently I have given thought to how many people could benefit from a program that would allow the blessings and generosity of others to assist in providing this product to people who truly need it.

This is where the birth of “Bathed with Blessings” comes into play. It is designed to allow people to make donations of any amount that will be used to provide these much-needed assisted living items for people who will benefit from them most, such as the elderly on fixed income or veterans from armed forces or police and fire personnel injured in the line of duty.

It will be operated as a division of Classic Whirlpools Plus and the screening process will be implemented through an online and phone interview plus in-home consultation in some cases of people who apply for this service.

The donations will be handled through a GOFUNDME account. This account will pay for all products and services when approved at NO out-of-pocket expense to the homeowner. The funds will provide a walk-in tub or handicap accessible shower to the approved person.

Applying for benefits through this service:

A person or family member can fill out an online application that will be reviewed for approval and contact will be made based on approval and available funding as it is provided.

We are hoping to bless many people regardless of age who have this need and you can be a part of it with any amount of donation. Thank you and God Bless!

Police & Firefighters
People with disabilities

Below is an example of the walk-in tub or the handicap accessible shower that is provided in this program:

Size from 30 X 53 to 30 X 60 Soaker with faucet and drain kit.
Size 30 X 60 with low curb or roll-in feature