Heated Bidet Toilet Seat

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SKU: TL-AZEB101BR    UPC: 191042073784

ANZZI Ember Elongated Smart Electric Bidet Toilet Seat with Remote Control and Heated Seat


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When nature calls, there’s nothing like a soothing spray of water to leave you feeling clean and refreshed once you’re finished. The ENVO by ANZZI bidet installs easily to your toilet and connects to your existing water line. Just sit down on the comfortable heated seat, choose your spray mode and the adjustable nozzle directs a targeted stream of warm water right where you need it. When you’re all done, the after-wash dryer quickly dries you, so you can be up and on your way with no fuss.

  • THREE WASH SETTINGS — choose from child wash, feminine wash, rear wash.
  • OSCILLATING NOZZLE — nozzle moves back and forth while spraying for a super effective cleaning.
  • ADJUSTABLE BIDET — multiple positional, pressure, and temperature settings to adjust the water spray to your liking.
  • COLD & HOT SPA SPRAY MODE — massaging spray option cycles water between warm and room temperature
  • WARM WATER SPRAY — cleansing wash is always at a comfortable temperature.
  • AUTOMATIC NIGHT LIGHT — light turns on whenever your bathroom gets dark.
  • SOFT CLOSING LID — closes noiselessly and won’t slam.
  • SEAT PRESSURE SENSOR — deactivates spray when bidet is not in use, preventing accidental water splashes.
  • AFTER-WASH DRYER — gets you nice and dry once you’re done.
  • HEATED SEAT — stays comfortably warm while you sit.
  • SELF-CLEANING SPRAY NOZZLE — hands off and hassle free
  • REMOTE CONTROL — for easy and sanitary no-touch operation
  • REDUCES TOILET PAPER WASTE — less paper means less impact on the environment.
  • ADJUSTABLE – 5.12″ to 8.27″ seat screw distance
  • LIFETIME ANZZI WARRANTY — when you buy it, we back it.