Walk-In Tubs

Meditub Walk-In & Wheelchair Accessible
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Meditub Rating

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M3060SI $1699
NEW!! Heated Backrest
M2739 As Low as $2499
M2653 As Low as $2499
M2646 As Low as $2499
M2952 As Low as $2499
M3053 As Low as $2499
M3060 As Low as $2599
M3238 As Low as $2499
M3260 As Low as $2599
Drains tub in less than 90 seconds

Power Drain options from Meditub

Ella's Bubbles

Elite 30X52
Petite 28X52
Royal 32X52
Deluxe 30X55
Companion 30X60
Ultimate 29.75X59.75
Chi 32X52
Zen 29.5X52
Malibu 32X52
Mobile 26X45
Monaco 32
Tub For Two
Large Tub For 2
Wheelchair 29X52

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A truly portable walk-in tub on wheels that can be moved to the most convenient place to accommodate bathers with the need for portability.   Click picture for more information.